Fidget Spinner - Top Hand Finger Spinner Simulator App Reviews

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No point.

Hi, I'm Breana I Tried This App. This App Was Stupid And Really Has No Point. You Can Not Spin The Fidget Spinner. Yes, It Does Have A lot Of Fidget Spinners To Choose From, But I Would Like To Spin Them. And Did Any One Chose The Football One And Notice It Was Actually Soccer Balls?


Looking for free cancer? Here ya go! Cancer in a free app.



Dope games

Hi I'm ------ and I love this game

Not that good

It pops up a bunch of adds

Fidget spinner





can't even spin it what's the point >:(

Love it

Spins itself and same spinner just different colors. XD good thing it's free!


Good thing it's a free app



Hate it

So stupid you can't even spin it Hahaahahahahh

Helped Me

I was at the point of depression. I starting realizing the world is trash, but then I figured out the magic of simulated fidget spinners. This realization help me to defeat depression. Thank you so much Aaron.


The spinners are spun by pressing a play button, which will activate an endless loop of it spinning. Sure the image is high quality but it is not what you would think this app truly is.


This game saved my life, Idk what I would do without it. I was on the point of suicide, blood on the dance floor couldn't save me, then I found this app, and now I sell cacti for a living and live in October. Thanks!


Very realistic and fun to watch! And some of the fidget spinners are very mesmerizing!


The game has no meaning to it


Horrible ui A play button to spin it A pause button to stop Ads every 5 seconds And absolutely no sound except in the ads I downloaded this app to laugh at it and did no laughing whatsoever


You don't even spin the spinner. You just press a play button. It has great graphics and potential but was a huge disappointment. Do not waste your phone space!


This app is for people who can't afford expensive fidget spinners. Plus it's AWESOME!!!!

Oh my god what a pain

Let me play the stupid thing before you pop up 14,000 ads


This app is awesome

Follow me @0wenconnolly

Pls follow me and get this game

Gr8 11/10

I used to not have autism but then I got this app and got autism gr8 game cool graphics entertain mucho.






Ths am wors gam on ap stor I are not jokim for to say I can't not evem spen et I wuld much prefir minekraf over thos

Good app for people whomst have suicidal tendencies

After I got raped by my dog I wanted to kill myself until I got this app


I feel my eyess tingl after watching this dope spin 5 hours straight best gm a evrrzz I am the captain of winne the poo and I am on misson to kill tiggrr. Bat game ever!!! 🍻🍾🤡🤡🤡 not drunk lolll

Not very good.

There are a lot of options to choose from for spinners and all of them are free but it's just a video of a spinner spinning you can't spin it yourself. Omg these apps 😂😂😂

Should have charged money

I wasn't expecting much when I downloaded this app. But I was presently surprised!!! It's so much fun to look at and watch and now I don't need to even buy a real one! Such an awesome app, it takes a real genius to make such an innovative app like this. I wish I could give it more stars.




Boi this game is trash


Just plays a video


Just a crappy spinning spinner

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